Packaging and Labelling Challenge in Africa

Why is it so challenging in Africa, especially Tanzania, for Labelling and Packing of Honey Products. It’s big Problem to Beekeepers? Any opinions
Mar 22, 2016
In Tanzania mainly people produce at home due to lack of efficient streamlined production system high affects the labelling of the honey.The cost of glass jars are also high and that's why beekeepers pack honey in plastic jars.
Apr 22, 2017
We need information beekeeping
Apr 26, 2017
Beekeeping is considered to be one of those jobs that needs lot of hard work with proper skills of beekeeping to handle the bees.
Did this hold you off from beekeeping?
Don't do so. It is absolutely possible to become a good beekeeper. Some essential things you may need for this are: few experienced people, some kind of hive, an old shirt, a hat, a veil, and to start with may be gloves for your hands, the agreement of the people living in that area and finally, under the guidance of these experienced people, you can definitely learn the skill of beekeeping.
Also, I have found some useful information in the links given below. For more detailed information, you can click on these links that can give you suitable guidance regarding beekeeping in Africa from harvesting to packaging and labelling of the product manufactured:

Good luck.

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