Start Up Fort Kit 101

Forget class 101 you must graduate from business start up class 101 now! The day will come when you as the entrepreneur needs to tell the real from the fake. Here are some of the things you may encounter.
1. Deciding on a business
2. Lining up your money resources.
3. Fighting procrastination
4. Building networks
5. Having a business plan ready.
6. Location the dreaded location factor.
7. Your niche to survive you need a niche for your business.
8. Hiring an accountant (Don't do it all the financials yourself, unless you are master of it all)
9. Decide how you will capture your clients.
10. What is your intended image hmmm.

So there you have it, a short decisive list but it doesn't end there. Any more ideas any unusual tactics, stories I want to know the world ways to know, thank you very much!
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